Real Drift Car Racing v4.8 (Mod Money) [Latest]

With more than 6 million fans worldwide, Real Drift Car Racing Game is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices, and yet thanks to an innovative drift assistant, its control, and fun to play.
Get ready to run high-performance cars (turbo or naturally aspiration) and drift them at high speed especially in a track designed for drift racing.

Make money using your racing skills and use it to customize your car: body-color, rims model, rims color
To fight the world leader of online leaderboards or just run for fun in the new freeride mode.


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  • The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices;
  • Thanks to an innovative drift assistant, easy to control;
  • Optimization drift assistant: Full control with your total control;
  • Optimization gameplay;
  • Optimization Cars: You can change car body colors, rims models, and rims colors;
  • Realistic simulation of all aspects of the car (engine, drivetrain, tire, etc.);
  • Fly off special engine sound and valves for each car with turbo whistle;
  • Backfire effect with sound;
  • Accurate point count: At high speeds, earn points by flowing at a high downstream angle, and for the first time, by light touching walls during a downstream;
  • Online and local leaderboards to challenge your friends and people around the world;
  • Included in the big training track to improve your drift and racing skills;
  • High-quality 3D graphics;
  • Cool Dubstep Soundtrack by Liquid Stranger and Simplified Recording

Only in full version

  • No advertisements;
  • 7 new downhill racing tracks;
  • 5 new powerful cars with specific and realistic setup;
  • New challenging career mode with increasing competition with 12 championships.


  • Accelerometer (geroscope) or touch steering mode;
  • Slider or touch throttle;
  • Automatic or manual transmission;
  • Measurement metric or imperial units;

Advanced number system

Growth proportionally for points angle, flow time and speed.

There are also 2 separate point factors: “Drift combo” multiplier and “proximity” multiplier.

Whenever the numbers reach 2000 (1000, 2000, 000, etc.), the flow combo multiplier increases from 1. If you change the direction of drift, the points are added to the total number indicator (located in the upper left side of the screen) and reset. If the number again reaches every majority of 2000, then the drift combo increases again 1 time. This only works when you flow between downstream and second (less than 1 second), without any interruption, otherwise the flow combo multiplier will be reset.

Proximity multiplier increases when you wander behind the car in proportion to the proportion of the wall (less than 1.5 meters) for proximity. You will see this bonus with a text showing slow-motion effect and multiplier factor.

If you press anything then you will lose your partial point and all coefficients.

What does it mean “driving”?

Drift is a racing technique where the driver makes overstress to the car, thereby causing traction of back wheels or all tires, while control is maintained from the entrance to exit from the corner. A car flows when the back wheels are sliding on the front wheels, to the extent that the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction of the turn (like the car is turning left, the wheels are given the right or the opposite). Drift includes high-speed cars, skilled drivers, and hardcore fans

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