25 October, 2021

GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 6.40 Download For Android

Many Android users want to use Dual Whitespace or Whatsapp beyond their borders, which lead developers to develop their custom Latest GBWhatsapp mode! Most people use WhatsApp messenger, but many people feel that a group of features like themes, lock, privacy options, etc. are lost. Therefore, a mod was developed by Omarcald GBWatsapp, which is now one of the most famous Whatsapp modes. Use Dual Whatsapp on your Android device with many cool custom modes and tweaks that will take your whitespace usage to the next level. In this article, we will share the latest version of gbwhatsapp apk with all its features and simple installation tutorials!
The modified version of GBWhatsApp OfficialWhatSwap comes with additional features, modes and tweaks that are needed for better use. Many Whatsapp modes are available online, but GBWA is always the first choice of users due to its popularity and amazing features. It was launched a year ago, but it has still been updated monthly by its development team. Most droid geeks officially choose and choose GB Whatsapp on all other Whatsapp modes, because it is the most trusted and rated mod by seeing the download and its large fan. You can download the gbwhatsapp app from the direct download link below:

GBWhatsApp Apk Download 2018

App Size 35 MB
Version 6.40
Developer Omar
Root No
Ratings 4 +
Category WhatsApp Mods
Installs 10 Million +
Supports Android 2.0 +
Updated Jun 2018

GBWhatsApp Latest Version 6.40 Privacy Features
Hide online status – hide online status, it shows everyone offline, not connected.
Hide Blue Ticks – Even though you read the messages, you can hide blue ticks for everyone like contact groups.
Hide the second tick – after delivering the message, hide the second tick for everyone.
Hide the writing tick – You can hide the writing tick while typing a message.
Hide recording status – Hide recording voice, you can hide contact status for contact and group.
Hide Blue Microphone – Hide Blue Microphone for Contacts and Groups
Hide view status – Hide status for contacts.

GBWhatsApp app android (info and features)

GBWhatsApp comes with a large number of custom modes, tweaks and enhanced features. GBWA mode will take your WhatsApp experience to the next level, because you can access great features like themes, privacy, customization and more. There is another plus point that you do not have to pay any fees to use GB Whatsapp because it is 100% free. You just need to download and install the latest gbwa Whatsapp mode and get the benefits of its features. Whatsapp had previously gone strictly on its policies where they were able to block such clone applications. But fortunately, the service is backing up and running well. So, here are the top GB Whatsapp V mode features and tweaks at a glance:
1. Dual Whatsapp
Have you ever considered using two WhatsApp accounts on your device? If yes then it is good news for you because it is possible with GB Whatsapp mode. Now you can use two Whatsapp numbers with official Whatsapp and Gmail app.
2. Customizable mode
Amazing changes and modes available in GB Whatsapp mode are available for optimizing Whatsapp mode and feeling like a pro. You can customize chat head, background, color, icon and more. To enhance whatsapp look you will also find different themes with regular updates which are another plus point. Apart from this, you can also create your own theme.
3. Privacy Options
We have some privacy options like hide official receipt read receipts etc. which are not really enough. But this mode comes with additional privacy mode which will take your privacy to pro level. You can hide last seen using privacy modes and tweaks of GB Whatsapp mode, double tick, blue tick, online status and much more.
4. Safe and secure
There are many fake modern applications which were developed to steal users’ data and hurt privacy, due to which WhatsApp has banned these types of modes. But GB Whatsapp is an anti-restriction mode, therefore, the user can easily trust it because it cares for privacy and does not collect any data.
5. Advanced Features
Many features in the official Whatsapp are limited to a level which feels so upset. Send limitations like maximum images, maximum video length limit, maximum group character, status word boundary, and broadcast members’ limitations are some of the basic restrictions in official production. But these features have been enhanced and the GB comes with the boundary restrictions in Whatsapp and Mode. You will find many wonderful ways and changes. So here are the top features of GBWhatsapp mode:

Changelog (6.40) New Features

• Enabled Payments
• Added DND mode
• Latest Base Updates
• New Emojis Added
• New icons and themes
• Added new changes and modes
• Added new languages
• Auto answer feature added
• Revoked message notifications
• Bug fixes and improvements
• Anti Revoke Feature Added
• Enabled group details
• Added images and video filters
• Enable mentions button
• Check changelog for more information

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