24 October, 2021

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games ₹50 On Signup ₹6/Refer | Unlimited Network Earning

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games ₹50 On Signup ₹5/Refer | Unlimited Network Earning. Everyday Money is the best-earning app that offers entertaining and daily news content Roz Dhan. Make money by signing up, inviting friends, reading and sharing news, playing games, using daily, and many other apps. This money earning app will cost you Rs 50 for signing up. You can also play free cardi cash and win. Roz Money is one of the top online money income apps that entertain with 12+ categories while you earn Petty Cash Daily.
Features: An Online Earning App which lets you earn Paytm Money

Roz Dhan is India’s only Earning App, where users can use Earn Daily through News, Games, Personal Loan, etc. through this Income App. Browse through stunning content while playing with this free money app and earning the Petty M Cash.

How many types can you earn In Roz Dhan

1) Top Earning App: You can earn unlimited money from Roz Dhan. Top users in the list earned Paytm Cash of more than 40,000 rupees. Earn your first 50 rupees as a signup bonus. You can earn rewards and earn money by reading and sharing articles with your friends and using the app daily. Once you earn 200 rupees or more, withdraw the amount through the Petty App at any time.

A) INVITE FRIENDS: Make money from this earning app by inviting your friends through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, and other communication tools. When your friends invoke your friends on our app then you will also win Paytm Cash This makes Roz Dhan an earning app with Free Paytm Cash and the Best Money App.

B) Check-In: A Petty Cash Cash Earning App with Daily Bonus. Daily by opening just the app, earn daily from the Real Cash Winning App, even if you read, share, or play. This is a free year money app for earning petty cash for self income. You are given special bonuses on the 4th and 5th days of using the app. Use this Earn App, which is the best earning app for me.

C) READ: Interested readers can install Roz Dhan instead of other Money Income Apps and get incredible benefits. You can read different materials at the same time and earn money. If you are looking for New Earn Money App 2019, but want to keep yourself informed and entertained, then install this Money Earning App now.

D) Share: Not interested in reading articles? Roz Dhan Cash Earning Apps lets you earn revenue even when you share articles with your friends. Try this pony money app to see yourself.

E) Play Games: While the gaming apps charge you money, Roz Dhan lets you play and earn cash. Earn real money and withdraw them via the Petty App, while you enjoy this app and earn money.

2) Withdrawal via Paytm: Roz Money is one of the top boxes of Money Money Earning apps. Users are also calling it Chief Petty Earring Application 2019 for Daily Win, Bonuses and Coins in every work. Users also feel that this is the Money Earning App Top 10 Petty Cash between other PETI Earning Apps.

4) Earn Money Apps for Android: Roz Dhan is an app for money earning money for Android Petty for earning cash daily for you. You can call it Money App or Petty M Cash Free App.

5) Making money easier: Money-making apps often require users to work harder. With Roz Money Online Income Money App, you can earn and entertain yourself through viral content and a variety of games. Do not look forward to earning money, because you got the best money-earning app.

6) Visit Popular Sites: Through Roz Dhan, you can not only win Money Real Cash but also access to games, loans, jobs, shopping, and many other popular sites. With Roz Dhan Money App you can find everything you want in life.

7) Free Petty Cash Cash Earning Apps: Our users earn up to 300 rupees per day free Petty Cash. As a money-making app, Roz Money gives you more benefits than other Patiala Cash Earning Apps. Earn Money Paytm Cash from Make Money App

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Quick Guide Rozdhan in Hindi


How to Register in Rozdhan 

1. First of all, You Can Download RozDhan App from the link provided here:
2. Click it now Install your browser and now simply redirect RozDhan and immediately earn Rs50.
3. Now it will redirect you to the Play Store so simply install it from Play Store and Open App.
4. This will ask you to choose your language, so choose your language and go ahead!
5. Now enter your Unregistered Mobile Number and continue.
6. It will ask you to allow all permissions to allow it and then verify your mobile number with OTP.
7. If it asks you to enter the Refer Code, then enter the Just Given Referer Code and sign up to Rs.25. : (Enter the reference code to receive the Rs.25 invitation bonus)
8. You will get 1250 coins immediately. Sign up bonus + 1250 coins to enter the given code = Rs.25 + Rs.25, for the app installing the total Rs.50
9. Now go down to Earn Money Icon and check on Daily Coins and earn Extra Coins on a Daily Basis.
10. Complete your profile and upload 200 coins additional after uploading Pic, DOB and other information.
11. Go to the Home icon and now upload articles, share videos, videos and you will get coins on each scene and choice.
12. Your daily earned coins will be converted into cash in the very next day in your wallet automatically.
13. You can invite friends by sharing your Refer Link / Code and you will get 1250 Coins Per Refer.
14. Then, start mentioning friends using RozDhan App and earn a huge amount online.

Download Roz Money App Now!

Terms and Conditions Rozdhan :

1. Only 200 rupees can be withdrawn at a time.
2. The maximum daily withdrawal limit is 5.
3. You will get the money within 72 hours in your petty.
4. If you pack your PAN card, then TDS is 10%. Otherwise, its 20%
5. With PAN card, you can apply for a tax refund from the government, please ensure that your information is correct and corresponds to your withdrawal account.
6. Coins in 12:00 midnight will be converted to Rs.
7. The conversion rate depends on whether your friend is active in Roz Dhan. Please confirm that they open and use RozDhan.
8. If coins have not been given on time, do not worry, delays can occur.
Contact us: If you want to express any suggestions or concerns about daily improvement, please contact us.

Email us here: [email protected]