23 October, 2021

GBWhatsapp Update Download Latest Version 7.99 (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsApp latest version Download Apk for Android: we all use the WhatsApp application, as it is the most common and popular messenger used worldwide. It is the best mobile application to stay connected with our loved ones when it comes to chatting, calling or making video calls. All men on earth who have a smartphone are now WhatsApp users, which is due only to their popularity. But even after becoming one of the most used smartphone applications, it still lacks many essential features required by its users. Therefore, we need a mod application that can improve its functions at a professional level and make it more exciting and safe for users. Therefore, we will inform you about GB WhatsApp mod and its download and installation guide. You can download the GB WhatsApp application and get more information about it in this article!

WhatsApp is a mobile viral messaging application that has more than one billion users, but it has many restricted and limited features that many of its users urgently require. Now we can easily unlock those locked functions using a WhatsApp mod application and get full access to all its functions. When it comes to a WhatsApp mod, the gbwhatsapp mod of the gbmods team is the best wa mod application so far available for Android. It comes with extended and additional features that are very useful for every WhatsApp user. Now you can use a ton of amazing new features such as themes, privacy settings and many more features that make it much better than the official WhatsApp stock. You can download the latest version of GB WhatsApp wamod apk for Android from the downloads section below:

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GBWhatsApp For Android (Features & Tweaks)

GBWhatsApp is considered as the best whatsapp mod available for Android platform because of its popularity, support, features and its regular new updates. Its amazing features & mods makes it far better than the official one. All the users who tried gbwa mod found it more impressive & replaced it with the stock built. Give it a try & let’s see what you are going to decide between stock & the gb whatsapp mod. I am 100% sure you will also love its impressive features which will convince you to switch to gbwa mod. Another plus point is that with every update many new mods arrive which makes it much more interesting. It is a unique & also the most significant whatsapp mod ever with more than 50 million download & millions of fans. Here are the some of features of the gb whatsapp mod :

Dual WhatsApp

There are many users who want to use multiple whatsapp accounts on their smartphones, but it is not possible officially. But now with gb whatsapp, you can use dual whatsapp on your Android. Yes, you can run it along with the stock whatsapp & utilise it as secondary whatsapp. It is an excellent feature for those who want 2 whatsapp accounts for different purposes like family or business.

Customization Mods

There is only one default look in stock built of whatsapp which seems to be very boring. But the gbwa mods comes with fantastic customization tweaks which allows the users to customise your whatsapp look as you want too. You can change styles of chats, conversations, launcher icon, ticks & much more. You also get 100s of inbuilt themes with daily updates usable with gb themes app.

Privacy Tweaks

There are many additional privacy options present in the gb WhatsApp mod which are missing in the stock whatsapp. These privacy tweaks can be very beneficial for users who take their privacy as the main concern. The gbwa privacy mods include features like hiding last seen, blue tick, second tick, online status, typing status & much more.

Ban Proof & Secure

There are many whatsapp mods available in the online market, but most of them are not banned proof & secured. Yes, your whatsapp account has the risk of ban using such mods but don’t worry as the gb whatsapp is anti-ban whatsapp mod and is secured with the end to end encryption. Your chats are 100% safe same as the original whatsapp.

Message Scheduler

It is a very important & useful feature of gbmods gb whatsapp wa mod. It is a message scheduler feature using which you can schedule message & leave it to be sent on the time its set. Like you want to send a good morning message to your friend in the morning, you can schedule a message for him. It is best for sending wishes & personal messages.

Auto Reply

Another very useful feature of the gbwa mod. You can send automated chat replies as a welcome message to the users who message you. You can set custom text for your contacts to reply when they message. It can be used to show your chats that you are active while sleeping or you can also use this feature for your business works.

Key Features

This section is to list the remaining features with which gb whatsapp mod is loaded. These features include extra features which were added by the developer to make it more useful. There are many in the official stock whatsapp app but that limited features were extented in gbwa. So here are the key & extra features of this whatsapp mod :

  • Inbuilt lock mod
  • Languages added
  • New emojis added
  • Copy status button
  • Audio up to 100 MB
  • Restrict calls feature
  • 24 hours online mod
  • Hide chats for privacy
  • Send HD images & pics
  • Download friends story
  • Changes launcher icons
  • Send videos up to 50 MB
  • Copy text from messages
  • Send 90 images in a shot
  • 35 characters group name
  • Up to 255 characters status
  • 600 members broadcast limit
GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version
Name GBWhatsApp
Size 52 MB
Version 7.99
Developer GB Mods
Root Not Required
Category WhatsApp Mod
Downloads 50 Million +
Supports Android 4.0 +
Updated August 2019


GBWA (Permissions)

Access Internet
Use Microphone
Storage Access
Use Microphone
Use Camera
Location Access
Manage Contacts
Bluetooth Access
Manage Messages
Vibration Access
Manage Background Tasks