All In one app Any files Lock, Share Hidden Compressing etc.

Hey gays today i am going to show you a best app all in one for android mobiles phones.

This app also known as ES file manager its downloading link here so click here to download this app.

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Step 1

Fist of all you need Es file manager you just open this app.


you see below the image like interface

In which telling about this futures

  • Logger

    It is your recently used file history like  images music etc, and in which show new download files etc.

  • Sender

    Its file transfer system in android o android Its working like Xender or Share It

  • Compressed

    It is change any file in ZIP format with password protection

  • Cleaner

    its RAM cleaner

  • App, Images, Music

    in which see all your installed apps and images, Music, Movies.

  • Cloud

    it is a online  storage and you are access any where.

  • Download

    its good option in which you need a any file downloading link and get download your favorite file.

  • Documents

    in which you have  your document this document option

  • Network

    Coming soon this topic video.

  • Recycle Bin

    in which your deleted files you restore or recover.

  • View on PC

    in which share you phone in file with your PC.

  • Locker

    it is screen locker.

  • Encrypted

    in which you can lock a particular file with password.

Step 3

this option to using for sharing your file with you PC.

Step 4

Follow the below image image saying you are connecting same WiFi network and open your PC hotspot and connecting your WiFi in your mobile.

Step 5

Fellow the image, your case in different url address, type your PC in given URL link in your favorite browser,

Step 6

After fill URL and see Magic you are ready to sharing your file with your PC.

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