Hey gays,

Today I’m going to show you how to connect Xender with you laptop without software

First of all you will need a file called Xender. I hope you have this app in your android phone.If you don’t have app, then click here and download it.


Xender Download link here

Step 1

Open Xender App in your Smartphone.

Step 2

click on “RECEIVE” Button.

Step 3

Click on “Connect to PC” Button.

Step 4

click on “Hotspot” button and after click on this button ready to connect your PC.

Step 5

Fellow Step 1 to 4, and find your Laptop in WiFi available Networks, you see this below the image matching wifi name likeĀ  “Xender _AP7866” This name your case in changed and connect this wifi network.

Step 6

After connected you Laptop with WiFi and you fill the you Favorite Browser in “” like below the image.

You want to watch this video