MWC 2019 Premium Smartphone will launch with the 18000mAh battery in 2019

MWC (Mobile World Congress), this year is very intensive, major smartphone manufacturers, as well as some top technology companies, have said. Ace mein American smartphone maker, Energizer is also not available. There is not much attention in the company market, but no smartphones have been added in the MWC smartphone market. MWC 2019 means that Nerajyzer, a native of Native American, is also being eaten. You have a premium smartphone launch, Jismmin pop-up two selfie camera hogs. The name of the smartphone is Power Max P18K Pop.

This smartphone has been the successor of Power Max P16K Pro from MWC last year, which is 16,000mAh battery. Power Max P18K POP battery, you have standby time support of up to 50 days. Saath hi ye 18W is quick charging support. Whether the smartphone has a power bank that can do it, you can charge other accessories or smartphones. MWC 2019 is launched in the name of the smartphone, which is the name of the mobile phone, which is the most used to store the camera Good way In Energizer P18K pop, there is a 16 2 MP dual pop-up selfie camera. There is a slim in the specs, the smartphone has a 6.2-inch full HD display without any display, but it is slim. A wireless smartphone is available with Android 9.0 Pie OS.

But the hardware Octa Core MediaTek Helip P70 , which has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB inbuilt memory. Is this a smartphone that has a USB Type-C port. Okay, the company may have removed the sample, but the price is now and it’s a matter of time. MWC 2019 is the price of the smartphone which is a price, it is worth the price. What is the reason that I have a smartphone with 18,000mAh battery?


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