23 October, 2021

5G network up soon to launch

Airtel and BSNL giving out an organization with Nokia, the 5G network is the best news launch in India that you have got some great benefits.

1.S network will get speed of 20 gigabytes per second and the movie will be downloaded in two to three seconds!

  1. Web page will open in less than 1000 seconds of a second on the Internet!

  2. These networks will be very beneficial for those people who have been able to download the movie!

4.5g A network of professionals will find this research itself and will give the user a very good way!

  1. The special thing about the network is that mobile battery will cost a lot because its speed will be very fast!

  2. In the network, your phone’s battery can be charged with heartbeat!

  3. Phone bells will be ringed by the neck of the user!

  4. In the network you can find up to nanose seconds!

  5. Your phone will also provide an address for earthquake or tsunami!