Contact lens camera ? Future Wearable Tech

Friends Many of you Wearable Devices Whether that item or fitness band etc. Whether it could be a fitness tracker Smart Watch or another mini quad machine and smartphone I’m going to talk to you today about the next generation device which is going to be inside our eyes And here you will find a smart camera and you can drag photo photos here but you can record anything else that is happening around you. And here you will be able to do a lot of work and it will be felt inside your contact lens (eye).

We are using Wearable Devices for our long and wearable smartphones in a way that is like our Smartphone Smart Watch smart tractor etc. And this is gradually becoming very cheap and at the same time they are increasingly joining our lives. We are getting very cheap today as smart tracker smart watch and smartphone phones are also very cheap miles and some The person can buy it anywhere.

You might have heard about glass which is like glasses and inside it we can record anything by putting it on our eyes The miserable was very advanced and still people are liking it and buying it


But all this makes us unavailable to us and we are so far to this day, but till now we have not been able to reach only where we will have a device that I will put on you as a glass. And everything will be in it like photo-taking or recording. Sharing the photo video Sharing in another device Wireless Charging Everything is everything Google, Samsung and Sony is believed to be preparing to create a wearable device that will be planted inside our body or it will be embedded inside our body. This will be something like this inside of the smartphone that we have. Anything that the Smart Tracker or Band used to do, this Wearable device will be able to do ITI tax, it will be very popular for people but it will not be idle for everyone.

How to work Wearable Eye lance

Now we know how it works and Google has been researching it for many years, as well as the patent for both Samsung and Sony to get the message.

There are far too many people believe that it will become, but it had a lot of hard work can not say difficult, but hard to live in the same as the first was a landline with a system able to talk to him before the people but as mobile all people good and they will work with did not know how it is now just the height is going to come about which will significantly advance and pretty light weight will be the weight or weight Is going to be reduced


  1. The biggest problem is that the charging is going to come in. Charging and where the charging pin will look in. It’s just a microphone if it does not exist, or why it might be wireless charging and this can be wireless charging from your smartphone or a special Its power bank comes or anything else special can come, then comes second thing
  2. Then the second problem comes in the camera. Now the camera can not be so small, but it will be so small that even checking the camera close to 0.01mm and also can be very good recording plus clicking the photo and also doing many such activities.
  3. Then there is another problem which will remain of the data. This data is ours, as if we click the photo. We record that we will call the store. If we do this then we will remove it after installing it. A special technician will have to apply and inside it all the system will have wireless charging and much more
  4. Let’s assume it will be all but the processor should also be done to them. Micro-jock processed all of these and took it forward and then it will run inside this irreplaceable device which will be so small that you will feel better at applying and everything Be smart phone