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How do I know what the function is in my phone & compare your phone to another phone

Android version of the popular in the world but many people are not identification between hardware and software, this is a problem for new or old android users and every year in at least 100+ mobile company are launch latest mobiles. This problem shot out an application is known as CPU-Z this is amazing for new user and its very useful  application in which define different categories like hardware details battery temperature etc. this application function are define and downloading link below.

This application downloading link CPU-Z

1.SOC (System on Chip)

  • In which you’re seen your mobile details like
  • Device name xyz
  • Cores – like 2,4,8 etc.
  • Process – like 28 nm, 14nm, 10nm etc.
  • Architecture –
  • Clock speed for each core 1.30GHz,2.5GHz etc.
  • CPU Load – in which your phone in over all having load like 10% 20% ……….100%.
  • GPU Vendor – your mobile processer like MEDIATECH QUALCOMM etc.



2. System information

  • Device brand & model – like 099Ad
  • Screen size – like 4.95 inches
  • Screen – resolution 1080 X 1920
  • Screen – density 480 dpi
  • Weigh – your phone weight like 130 g etc.
  • RAM, storage





3.Battery information

  • Level – your battery how many charged with percentage (%)
  • Status – your battery status, battery charging or discharging
  • Temperature – how many temperature your battery
  • Capacity – in which your battery are capacity shown like 1800mah, 3000mah, 4000mah and 5000mah.






4. System

  • Android version – like 6.0 7.0 etc.
  • Root access – no or yes







5. Sensors

  • Accelerometer – show your mobile direction X, Y and Z.
  • Magnetometer – µT
  • Magnetometer Uncelebrated – µT
  • Gyroscope – phone direction X, Y and Z (red/s)
  • Gyroscope Uncelebrated – X, Y and Z (red/s)
  • Proximity & light – in cm (centimeter)
  • Barometer – 1+ numbers hPa
  • Gravity – X, Y and Z (m/sec. square)
  • Linear acceleration – X, Y and Z (m/sec. square)
  • Rotation vector – X, Y and Z
  • Step detector – X, Y and Z

This application downloading link CPU-Z

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