How to make android app with in 5 minute

Today i am going to show you (Text and video Tutorial)

Any body people are not have extra time in social network many people are making personal app for android but not make i am showing How to make Android app for free in few minutes You must be see below the video

Create your Android app in one step

To customize some message boxes within the app, fill out a simple form with your website URL and the required text. This website will create an app and will provide you a link to download it. This resulting app will be ready for you to publish in your Google Play account or your own website.

Why ?

The number of mobile devices with full web browsing capabilities is increasing in such a way that Apple, Microsoft, Google etc. are playing their background on the mobile market. So these figures show that whatever you can do to establish your website in those millions of devices, this is a good thing.

Do I have anything to cost?

When using my APK manufacturing engine it includes a small “token” cost: I can donate some money to pay me a monthly fee

Why provide this service for free?

About two years ago, I was looking for a website that provided services similar to this one. I found this and happily made my first app with them. I’ve published my applications under the Google Play store account, only after a few days the app was showing big ads on my content. This was an annoying problem for me, especially because of the website where I had created my app, claiming how easy it was in the app from your website URL, while during the free service I used it with the “free” tag By not making it more clear and clear, I consider this misleading – unless you give them big money – the right to place all the ads in which they I wanted on web content but then it happens that I am also a programmer, so I decided not to use my ‘free’ services and created my own app without interference. Now, for its joke, I have created this website as well as my website. I hope you find it useful.

Legal disclaimer content

Although I have tested this Android app manufacturing tool at a very large scale, there may be a bug here, even if you contact me, I will try to fix any problem or even If you have a request, you will try to upgrade the application as well, provided I got some free time (note: time is money … TSS TSK). I should not be held liable for any kind of loss or legal problem, which is with me or anything related to this website. Please also understand that I do not review or control the app you are creating with this device, so I am also not responsible for any problem (legal or otherwise) for my problem. If you close your Android account by posting an app violating any type of rule, then you are yourself, I will give you a start, some tips for you: You must be the owner of the website that you App is making or at least written consent from its owner. Also consider that gambling or adult content will not be included on this website. You may want to read the rules in the Google Play Store about content allowed before publishing anything there.

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