23 October, 2021

Samsung 360 Round Camera Has 17 Lenses And Can Live stream 4K 3D Videos at 30 FPS

Samsung introduced a new camera on Wednesday, October 18, which is different from 17 cameras and six microphones and can create highly immersive 360-degree and Samsung 360 Round Camera virtual reality content in a stunning 4K resolution

In contrast to the company’s more entry-level Gear 360 camera for mainstream users, Samsung 360 rounds seem to be legitimate professionals – which are a cruel performance in 360 rounds, for professionals who are to leave a lot of money. But it comes at a fatal price point: $ 10,500


Samsung showed the camera at its developer conference in San Francisco, and the company says in a press release that it was specially designed for “excellent experts and enthusiasts to develop and stream high-quality 3D content” That’s what we call for a superior virtual reality (VR) experience ”

The 360 degree camera is quite powerful for the 4K VR video stream live stream at 30 fps, and as mentioned, the tuck-shaped instrument 172-megapixel cameras have 360-degree video in stereoscopic 3D, VR and 4 video is covered to record. There is also some basic software that actually works to stitch with an immersive video with no intervals


Inside, there are 10 GB of RAM and 40 GB of internal storage, which is quite but relatively for a device that regularly records large size 4K files, it supports LAN or USB-C connectivity can be added to SSD with 2 TB storage.

Professionals who are often beautiful to shoot during the weather season, will not need to worry about shots breathing in the rain to get the natural scene, because 360 round IP 65 dust and water resistance

Samsung will ship 360 rounds in the United States sometime in October, and other countries will soon find it. But it is important to keep in mind that despite the camera already cost is very high, the requirements for PC for lateraling and post processing will significantly increase significantly

samsung360 round camera can createa ndlive stream 3d content forever

For video processing, users should have at least 4K, a 64-bit OS, a Intel Core i7-6700K chip or above, and an NVidia GTX 1080 chip for a 16 GB DDR 4 RAM or more. On the other hand, livestreaming and broadcasting asks for at least one 10-core i7-6950X chip, 32 GB RAM and two- yes, two-GEFERS GTX 1080 Ti GPUs.

This pro-content will not be an issue for content creators, producers and filmmakers, however, it is very likely that they already have a compatible system that meets the camera’s performance requirements.

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