23 October, 2021

How to using any smartphone internal apps in my Android mobile

In the world in 1000+ of smartphone manufacturer company are available in the market but any company are making 10+ app like Gallery, Video player, Music Player, system manager etc. this app is only live in manufacture company mobile in this is a problem for user But I having an idea see this video

In this video in completely explaining how to using any smartphone internal apps on your smartphone.


  • You need an app is known as Es file explorer Pro Download to click here

1 Download and install es file explorer.

2 Open this app and click on red box.

3 Select a device or follow the read box area below the image.

4 finding system folder and open it.

5 Again finding “app” folder and open it.

6 In this step in I am finding gallery but you can try different apps.

7 finally see an apk file and copy it and pets external storage like SD card

This gallery you can download if you need Download to click here


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