23 October, 2021

WhatsApp Group Voice, Video Calls Coming Soon, Suggests iPhone Beta Code



Whatsapp group callingWhatsapp has confirmed the group calling feature in its iOS app

Whatsapp for iPhone v2.17.70 code reference for beta group calling

Whatsapp has also been reported to test the unseand and delete for everyone.

WhatsApp Group Voice, Video Calls Coming Soon, Suggests iPhone Beta Code

Whatsapp group calling

Whatsapp group calling is on its way, the code seen in the latest beta version for the iPhone app. While Group Voice Calling for WhatsApp, too much has been confirmed due to many contexts, whereas only one mention of group video calls for the forum. Nonetheless, there will also be an appropriate sum for this app, which is adding the load of features to more than 1 billion users this year. However, it is not yet clear when WhatsApp will roll out features.


According to WABetaInfo, which reports on upcoming features of WhatsApp, there is code reference for Whatsapp v2.17.70 beta group calls for iPhone updates. “2.17.70 Updates in iOS are very hidden references to group calls! Before it was an internal news, now all have been confirmed”, WABetaInfo tweeted on Sunday, “About group voice call There are a lot of hidden references, but there is only one reference about the group video call, so group video calls are partly confirmed at this time. ”


Previously it was reported that Facebook’s proprietary messaging app group was working on voice calls and could release this feature next year. There is already a similar feature on Messenger.

Whatsapp group calling

“Whatsapp 2.17.70 requests the server that the user you are calling is in another group call!” WaBetaInfo tweeted.

“Note that the ones we meet are very strong (but they are not currently visible to you) and they allow us to understand whether Whatsapp is adding to the application, as we have for WhatsApp had to have”. Whatsapp Viewer also said that the iPhone app will soon give more power to the Group Administrator, with the ability to remove more participants from one group at a time.


Separately, for Android, Whatsapp v2.17.387 brings new administrator features to the Beta group, this includes the ability to choose whether the participants can modify the group, its icon, and its details. There are also options to stop the group creator from being removed by other group administrators.

According to WABetaInfo, the Messaging app is also testing the Send and Delete to UN for all features.

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